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March 2024

NEF-She welcomes you back for the Spring season! Whether you are new to NEFC or are returning, we hope that your season is going well and that you are having fun! We are excited to welcome 2024 and all of the opportunities it brings. NEF-She is working hard to bring even more exciting opportunities to this year and hope to meet many more of you in person.   

If there is anything you would like to see us work towards or have any suggestions, as always, we are happy to hear from you! Please feel free to send an email to with any suggestions or thoughts. If you know of any great women run soccer/athletic businesses, podcasts, influencers, etc. – we would love to check them out and possibly share them with this community! 

And as always – please follow us on social media and share us with your teammates! The only way to grow NEF-She is to get our program out there.  

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women's history month

Welcome to Women's History Month, a time to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of women past and present. This year, we're putting the spotlight on the dynamic young players who are not just making history but rewriting it altogether.  From breaking records to challenging norms, these dynamic players are shaking things up, making waves and inspiring future generations on and off the field. 

Today's young soccer players are dribbling past barriers, shaking up the game, and scoring goals like never before. From leading their teams to victory to revolutionizing playing styles, they're showing that age is no obstacle when it comes to making an impact on the pitch.

So, as we honor Women's History Month, we’ve selected some of our favorite young trailblazers. They're the ones who are redefining what it means to be a game-changer in the 21st century, and we're here to cheer them on every step of the way.

Trinity Rodman: In 2012 at just 18 years old, Trinity made history as the youngest player ever drafted into the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) at the time. Her record-breaking signing with the Washington Spirit, a four-year deal worth $1.1 million, marked the richest contract in NWSL history. In March 2022, Trinity Rodman entered the world of children's literature with the release of her inspiring book, "Wake Up and Kick It With Trinity Rodman." Published in collaboration with Adidas, the book shares her soccer journey, aiming to motivate young readers in their own adventures. As a heartwarming gesture, Adidas donated 5,000 copies to charity.  Her electrifying talent and fearless playing style have earned her widespread acclaim and a promising future in the world of soccer. 

Lauren Hemp: Hailing from England, Lauren has been turning heads on the international stage since her teenage years. Not only is she a European champion with the England Lionesses, but she has also been twice named FA England Young Player of the Year and four times named PFA Women's Young Player of the Year. Her accolades speak volumes about her talent and dedication to the sport. Known for her blistering pace and clinical finishing, she's already making waves as one of the brightest young talents in women's football.

Linda Caicedo: Linda Caicedo's journey in soccer is nothing short of extraordinary. Making her professional debut at the remarkable age of 14, she quickly rose through the ranks, achieving a milestone by representing her national team across three different World Cup competitions: U-17, U-20, and the full senior side at the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. Her path to success wasn't without its challenges, as she battled ovarian cancer at the age of 15. Remarkably, within two years, she transitioned from the operating theater to the national youth teams, ultimately reaching the pinnacle of the South American women's game. Caicedo's resilience and determination in the face of adversity serve as an inspiration to all, showcasing her indomitable spirit both on and off the field.

Sophia Smith: Sophia Smith's soccer journey is defined by notable accomplishments and a lasting influence. Securing an NCAA championship title with Stanford University highlighted her talent early on. As the first overall pick in the 2020 NWSL Draft, she quickly asserted herself in professional soccer. Smith's exceptional abilities earned her a call-up to the Senior National Team at just 16 years old, showcasing her remarkable skill set. Beyond the field, she passionately advocates for mental health awareness, stressing the importance of balance and self-care in the demanding world of sports. Smith's dedication to both her physical and mental well-being serves as a source of inspiration, encouraging young athletes everywhere to prioritize their overall development.


We hope you are inspired by these incredible young women as we celebrate their achievements and highlight the impact they're making on the world stage. This Women's History Month, let's celebrate the rising stars who are shaping the future of women's sports and beyond.

The Professional Athlete Blog: by Abby Cachio

We all had that silly little dream job when we were five years old. For some it was to become a rockstar, for others it was an astronaut. For me, Abby Carchio, I wanted to become a professional soccer player. Seventeen years later, I turned that silly little dream into a reality. The path from youth soccer to professional European “football” has been both challenging and thrilling. From long drives to Lancaster in an NEFC jersey to stealing points from the #1 professional team in the world- Lyon, the path has been far from ordinary. Follow along as I give the inside scoop on my journey- tips, experiences, stories and most importantly the beautiful game of soccer.

Fostering The Love of The Game

Fostering The Love of The Game By Abby Carchio For the last three years, I have been playing professional soccer in Europe. I have played in…

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The U.S. Women’s National Team secured victory in the inaugural Concacaf W Gold Cup by defeating Brazil 1-0 in front of a passionate audience of 31,528 supporters on a picturesque evening in San Diego. Lindsey Horan, the team captain, sealed the win with a goal in the closing moments of the first half, securing the U.S.'s 15th title in Concacaf championship tournaments.


Check out the match highlights and reaction from Attacking Third hosts Lisa Carlin and Sandra Herrera.

Inside The Game: Abby Carchio Tactical Breakdown

Welcome to the premiere of our brand-new feature, "Inside The Game"! This exclusive segment brings you a closer look at soccer strategy, featuring none other than NEFC and Brown University Alumni, Abby Carchio. As part of these segments, Abby marries technical skill and execution with tactical understanding using real game film from the pros. Brace yourself for a unique perspective that promises to deepen your understanding of the game.

March Article

Convention Recap

By Megan Ostrelich

The Anaheim convention this year was smaller than Philadelphia but filled with some great classes, inspirational people and informative field sessions. The location was great as I was within walking distance of Disneyland and Disney Springs (you better believe I walked over there for some yummy beignets 😊)!

I was surrounded by some super yummy local food trucks and tall palms trees and got to enjoy eating lunch out in the sun every day (which was a far cry from the cold, grey skies here in MA). The one downfall is a lot of the social events would start later in the evening and the time change was brutal – so needless to say if there was a group meeting at 10pm PST, I was well asleep. 

This year, I felt, was a tough combination of informative and repetitive sessions or classes that could have been more diverse. It is also inevitable that there is an hour where you want to attend five different sessions and then another hour where there is nothing of interest. I wish I could clone myself to soak in all of the classes! 

I focused my attention on classes around ‘The Women’s Game’. Some of the sessions were a stretch to fit under the category but then there were some incredible sessions. One of my favorites was called ‘Taking Pride in Defending’ coached by Margueritte Aozasa, partially because I love focusing on the defensive side of the game but also because of her incredible knowledge and delivery (Margueritte also made history as the first rookie coach and first woman of color to ever win the NCAA Division I Women’s soccer championship). I also had the pleasure of taking a class called ‘Developing a Goal Scoring Mentality’ coached by Yolanda Thomas (currently an assistant coach for the Orlando Pride and founding member of the ‘Moms Who Coach’ group). 

One of the most informative sessions (that I have already used in several training sessions) was coached by Marcia ‘Tafa’ Tafarel. Tafa is a former player for the Brazilian Women’s National Soccer team and is the first coach of the U.S. Women’s National Futsal team. She had brilliant insight on the growth of futsal in the U.S. and some wonderfully focused drills that can be used on both the futsal court and soccer field. I was lucky enough to have dinner with Tafa, among many other incredible women/coaches from Girls Unite in CA.  They are such a diverse group of humans and getting to talk through the game and life was a highlight of my trip!

The best part of the trip was meeting some incredible delegates from Africa. These coaches came over as a part of the mentorship program and truly made the convention. I got to listen to many of them stand up for each other in classes and stand up for different groups with coaches communities. To see all of the boundaries they are breaking all while going through some tough rules, was truly mind blowing. The bravery these coaches showed but also the joy they brought: the joy of celebration, of feeling free, of finding a community of support – to put it lightly, I am beyond inspired to keep working to make the sport of soccer accessible for all!

Aside from learning some great new drills and learning different ways to help our athletes work through some mental pieces of the game, reconnecting with the coaches communities brought so much inspiration and excitement for what is to come in the sport. I also have a new adventure in front of me as I was asked to help form the Education and Resources committee within the LGBTQ+ and Allies group. I was also privileged enough to get to take a semi-private tour of the convention floor with a delegation from Japan, Fiona Ma, the State Treasurer of CA, Khaim Morton, the Deputy Treasurer and other VIPs. 

Overall the trip was amazing and just as last year, came at the perfect time to inspire and refocus between seasons and similarly, I am excited to head to Chicago next January for the next one. I hope to bring some more detailed articles to NEF-She over the year outlining some of the things I learned in greater detail. 

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