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Program Details

NEFC Female Mentor Program:

New female staff joining NEFC undergo a structured onboarding process. Upon joining, the General Manager facilitates a virtual face-to-face meeting with designated contacts based on geographical regions - Chloe for Elite/Metro West/Blackstone Valley, Sophie for North Shore/MN-MB, or Candice for South. This introductory session serves to establish rapport, extend support, and ensure a seamless integration into the NEFC community.
  • Virtual Coffee Hour: The NEFC Female Mentor Group extends support beyond initial onboarding by hosting a monthly 'Virtual Coffee Hour' exclusively for female staff. Led by Sophie, Chloe, or Candice, these gatherings provide a safe space for open dialogue, addressing various topics ranging from personal development to coaching strategies. Designed as an open forum, staff can freely engage in Q&A sessions, share experiences, and seek guidance. Additionally, occasional in-person meetings, perhaps coinciding with events like Coaches Education on MLK Day, further foster camaraderie and professional growth within the NEFC community.
  • New To Coaching? Coaches may also be scheduled to "shadow" teams/coaches before taking a head coaching role. Small compensation for their time may be allocated from the NEF-She or Intern budget to subsidize young developing female coaches.
  • Current Players And Alumni: The Female Mentor Group, in collaboration with the General Manager, is spearheading an initiative to harness the potential of younger NEFC players (U17-U19s and NEFC Alum) through the establishment of a female development educational coaching program. This program entails inviting interested female players to participate in 2-3 annual 'Development Clinics,' with a focus on completing a coaching license. NEFC is committed to subsidizing these courses, which are likely to include two on-field coaching development sessions and one classroom session addressing administrative aspects and managing teams with parent expectations. To facilitate online completion of F and/or D licenses, players will receive support from our Director of Education John Conlon

Mentorship Program Example Discussion Topics:

  • Having a safe space to talk
  • How to Structure sessions
  • What Curriculum to use - and where to find these sessions
  • Dealing with Parents/Players - playing time etc
  • Understanding of the periodization of the season as it ebbs and flows
  • Leagues and the landscape
  • Pathway for players and coaches/development/opportunities
  • Expectations from our club Policy - both players and coaches
  • Helping them generally at NEFC
  • Showing that we value them
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