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The NEF-SHE Women in Sport program aims to empower young female athletes by providing them with key resources and skills to equip them for success both on and off the field. Through a series of workshops, events, a monthly newsletter, and a video podcast series, it is hoped that we can provide female athletes the tools to feel empowered and to develop confidence and leadership skills that allow them to achieve future success.



This program will combine sport-specific resources important to sporting success alongside psychological and social tools that can be applied to sport and life. By breaking down barriers and empowering female athletes to take control of their own narratives we want to provide them with the confidence and skills to help them pave a path towards their aspirations.

Our female athletes and coaches are the foundation of this program and their contribution to the content we publish is key to the program’s success. By giving our female athletes a voice and allowing them to co-create their story and experience we not only give fruition to their aspirations but will also inspire generations to come.

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    Chloe Raco

    NEF-She Program Director

Champion Mindset 101

This summer, I had the opportunity to compete with my team in the Girls Academy League National Finals. After two incredibly tough, wild, and exhausting games, both of which went into OT, in hot and humid North Carolina, we were named the U15 National Champions. I do not think there is anything that can compare…

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Originally set to be in 2020, the Tokyo Olympic Games will now officially commence this summer. Spanning 33 sports, the opening ceremony will be held on July 23, and the closing ceremony will be held on August 8th. For women’s soccer, FIFA did the official draw in April, and the groups are as followed:  …

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