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The NEF-SHE Women in Sport program aims to empower young female athletes by providing them with key resources and skills to equip them for success both on and off the field. Through a series of workshops, events, a monthly newsletter, and a video podcast series, it is hoped that we can provide female athletes the tools to feel empowered and to develop confidence and leadership skills that allow them to achieve future success.



This program will combine sport-specific resources important to sporting success alongside psychological and social tools that can be applied to sport and life. By breaking down barriers and empowering female athletes to take control of their own narratives we want to provide them with the confidence and skills to help them pave a path towards their aspirations.

Our female athletes and coaches are the foundation of this program and their contribution to the content we publish is key to the program’s success. By giving our female athletes a voice and allowing them to co-create their story and experience we not only give fruition to their aspirations but will also inspire generations to come.

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    Chloe Raco

    NEF-She Program Director

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About Our NEF-She Staff


Chloe has loved soccer for as long as she can remember with the sport always being a permanent fixture in her life. Having played the sport competitively back in her native country England from the age of 8, playing at the academy level through her youth, collegiately and then semi-professionally, Chloe progressed into coaching. Prior to her move to the US, Chloe started her coaching journey in England coaching youth academy teams and collegiate teams. Since then, Chloe has coached at NEFC for 4 years, working with regional, DPL and 'select' girls teams as well as coaching at the D3 collegiate level. Chloe currently coaches the 2010 and 2009 DPL teams and holds multiple roles at the club including the RDP Girls Director, Assistant DPL Director and the Director of the NEF-She program.

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Megan fell in love with soccer around 1990 and hasn't stopped since. She began coaching in 2003 and has coached at most levels of the game (TOPSoccer, recreational, travel/club, high school and division III college). She spent most of her time coaching in PA and recently began coaching for NEFC last year. Megan has been involved in other aspects of the game (board member, manager, public relations) and most recently attended the United Soccer Coaches Convention in Philadelphia. She currently coaches for the MetroWest region and started working with NEF-She at the end of 2022. She is married with two children and recently adopted a puppy.

Mia has loved soccer ever since she was able to step on the field herself at the age of 4. She began playing at the club level from age 8 and continued until she transitioned to play at the collegiate level. Mia took a strong interest in coaching at the age of 16 and went through the NEF-SHE coaching certification pathway to gain her grassroots license and work with the Junior Academy at NEFC for two years. Currently, Mia is a full time collegiate athlete while building her coaching experience at NEFC. She is working with 2009 and 2010 girls DPL teams, as well as aiding with the NEF-SHE social media.

NEF-She Monthly Newsletter

Welcome to the NEF-SHE Monthly Newsletter! Dive into our latest edition for updates on news, inspiring stories, valuable resources, and spotlight features. Check back here every month to stay connected and informed about all things NEF-SHE!

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