How To Boost Your Self-Confidence

Tips To Boost Confidence (2)

Dr Margie Warrell gives her top 5 tips on building your confidence:

1️⃣ Act As If…

Act as if you have the confidence you aspire to have.

TRY IT: “Fake it until you make it.” Play the role of the most confident person in the room and you will find yourself speaking up and taking risks

2️⃣Shifting your physical body will help shift your mental and emotional state.

TRY IT: “The Wonder Woman”- Stand with your feet hip width apart. Chin up, back straight and hands in fists at your hips

3️⃣Channel Your Heroes Think of someone you admire and ask: “What would she do?”

TRY IT: Write down the names of someone who’s confidence inspires you along with three words or phrases that describe her. Channel her confidence and act the part!

4️⃣Focus on What You Want Think POSITIVE! What are the positive outcomes?

TRY IT: Think about a goal you have. Write down all the benefits and rewards to accomplishing that goal. Focus on the positive outcomes whenever you face a challenge when working towards your goal

5️⃣Walk through scenarios in your head. What does success look like to you?

TRY IT: Next time you have an important game, event or presentation, find some time to visualize success. REPEAT OFTEN!

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