Summer Wrap-up: Girls Residential 2023 Camp Wrap-up!


Another successful Residential Camp in the books and we are already looking forward to making next summer even better! We are most proud of the incredible staff which consisted of ALL FEMALES:  

Camp Directors: Casey King & Chloe Raco
Head Coaches: Sophie Dewar, Julia Carr, Ashley McGown, Bri Alimonti, Kelleigh Lombard
Assistant Coaches: Mia Wolfgang, Claudia Pierce, Ali Roche, Ainsley Golini, Jillian Napolitano, Emily Fox (GK Coach)
Trainer: Charlotte Majer 

“The NEFC residential camp for the girls was a very positive experience for our daughter, Kymari. Although their days were well structured, navigating through the days and nights still gave her a sense of responsibility and maturity. She thoroughly enjoyed the soccer and came away having formed bonds with new friends, some of whom she has since faced in competition. I lastly should mention that the organization and communication coming from the administrators of the girls side of the camp was excellent! She felt safe and well taken care of.”

– NEFC Parent


On arrival day, we had just over 100 girls ages 9-14 check in before heading to their dorm rooms to unpack and say goodbye to their parents. Most campers requested roommates prior to camp, while others paired up with someone new! After introductions and ice breakers, it was time for dinner. The dining hall at St Anselm’s was newly done; there was a full salad bar, as well as multiple options for everyone. The staff was kind, informative and welcoming. After dinner, it was time to head out to the first on filed session where players got to know their coaches for the week, as well as the other players in their age groups!  


Day 2 was the first full day and both Staff and campers were energized and ready to go!  

Here is what a full day looks like: 


7:30 AM Wake-Up 
8:00-9:00am Breakfast 
9:30-11:00am Soccer Session- Different topic each session 
12:00-1:00pm Lunch 
1:00-2:15pm Downtime at dorms 
2:30-4pm Soccer Session 
4:00-5:00pm Downtime at dorms – Shower Time 
5:00-6:00pm Dinner 
6:30-8:00pm Evening activity 
9:30 PM In rooms 
10:00 PM Lights out 



In the evening of day 2, we ran our very own NEF-She Residential Camp Wars to celebrate our NEF-SHE program! Each camper was assigned a team to compete on throughout the duration of the Residential Camp Wars. Teams competed against each other in a number of activities and events to earn points to be crowned ‘NEF-She Residential War Champions’! Our NEF-She program sponsored the event and provided each camper with their own NEF-She branded team color t-shirt, as well as, and prizes for the winners! We encouraged all campers to bring colored accessories to go with their team color to really bring the spirit, and boy did they BRING IT! We were SO impressed with the creativity, teamwork and commitment from all teams! All campers got together with their Camp Wars teams and spent time creating and practicing their team chant.  This chant would earn the winning team a ton of points and bragging rights, of course! Teams came up with some impressive chants and songs complete with choreography which made it really tough for the judges!  


Day 3 was the second and final full day and it was action-packed! After breakfast, a morning session, and lunch, the girls were given some time to prep for the big event! In hopes to rack up some points, teams competed in fun games such as Soccer Tennis, Kickball, Nothing but Net, and Trivia, all run by our Head Coaches! Teams were full of spirit and high on energy! In the evening, it was time for teams to show off their hard work and perform their chants in front of the entire camp! Teams came up with some impressive chants, songs and choreography which made it really tough for the judges! Lastly, it was time to play! Teams competed in a mini-tournament in an effort to showcase their teamwork and rack up some last minute points!  


At the conclusion of all events, Staff tallied up the points and announced the winner. Campers were at the edge of their seats awaiting the results! All were stunned to hear there was a THREE-WAY-TIE for 2nd place, but one team came out on top! TEAM YELLOW! Throughout the event, they displayed teamwork, creativity, and enjoyment! Their chant was a valiant display of synchronized choreography with an impressive mashup!  

“Camp was a great opportunity to jump start the season in terms of any summer rustiness and fitness levels. But more importantly it was just a fantastic atmosphere with motivated players looking to enjoy time together and grow bonds within their teammates. We worked hard on the fields but we had a nice balance between that and allowing free/quality time to make a really fun and rewarding experience.”

– NEFC Residential Head Coach, Sophie Dewar 

(Two-time color wars Champion) 


“The Residential Camp was a great way to get closer with my teammates and improve my skills with little stress and many fun different activities!”

– NEFC 2010 player, Cameron Kvaternik  


We are so grateful for all campers that participated in our 2023 Residential camp and look forward to making the next one the BEST YET!  

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