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Elevating Young Talent: Our Boys Club Soccer Teams Shine in MLS NEXT, NAL, USYS National League, and NECSL!

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MLS Next: U12-U19

MLS NEXT provides the best player development experience in North America. Founded on a collaborative approach to governance and a commitment to innovation, MLS NEXT players have access to the highest levels of competition and to training and personal development opportunities that will prepare them for their futures, both in soccer and in life.

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National Academy League: U12-U19

The brand new National Academy League will aim to help the nation’s top Academy boys clubs collaborate to support their developmental pathway for players focused on their potential future college and professional careers.

The NAL will see 54 clubs divided into five conferences, along the East Coast of the United States. The league will provide a national platform, composed primarily of MLS NEXT clubs across the country with a like-minded philosophy and vision on player development. Many of the founding member clubs are current MLS NEXT member clubs who are not the official academies of Major League Soccer (MLS) organizations.


National League

The US Youth Soccer Leagues Program features the National League and a network of 13 Conferences across the country. The competitions provide teams with the some highest possible level of competition at the national (National League) and multi-state (Conference) levels

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The New England Club Soccer League (NECSL) was founded in May 2020 to provide a more transparent and merit based league platform for the clubs of New England to nurture and develop their players and teams. The NECSL's Advisory Board is made up of former professional players and educators. The application process is clear, transparent and objective. The mission: Develop, Challenge and Compete in a supportive environment of forward thinking Club Directors while partnering with like minded organizations to provide a wide range of regional events for the players of New England to showcase their abilities. The NECSL is the largest youth soccer league in New England. Made up of 40+ clubs from five different New England states, The NECSL is looking forward to the upcoming Fall 2021/Spring 2022 season and beyond.

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